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ZZem Screw Door Security/Door Reinforcement

ZZem Screw Door Security/Door Reinforcement

 With simplicity and piece of mind, ZZem Screw protects against unwanted forced door entry, by securing your hardware to the frame of the house, not the weak door jamb it self.
ZZem Screw is 3" long extending in to both studs of the door way framing. You ask, why not just a longer screw? Here why, most can not drive a 3" screw, with out stripping the head of the screw or hitting a knot and breaking the screw off rending the hole useless. Or the screw hits the grain of the wood and you drive it in crooked, at an angle. Also, the screw doesn't match your hardware finish.
 The ZZem Screw eliminates all those issues with the easy to install kit, the provided drill bit, (we recommend using a smaller drill bit as a pilot hole to help with accuracy 3/16" works great) Drill a straight and level and you will have a perfectly seated screw and no worry's about knots or wood grain. The Provided torx bit to screw in the ZZem Screw, seat the ZZem Screw just below the surface. Replace the hardware, we supply #9 bright brass hinge screws and a Philips bit, but if you have a different finish, most hardware stores carry the #9 hinge screw in a variety of finishes.
Available in 4pk, 8pk, 12pk, 20pk &100 contractors box kit 
If you have any questions please contact us at info@zzemscrew.com and visit our website at www.zzemscrew.com