20 Pack #9| 3" | ZZem Screw-Door Security Hardware & Stripped Screw Repair Kit

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3 Minute Installationin Just 3 Easy Steps

 ZZem Screw is a patented technology that protects against unwanted forced door entry, by securing your hardware to the frame of the house, not just to the frame of the door. In addition, we can repair stripped screws for door hinges, (On  both the door side and the jamb side) strike plates, dead bolts, gate hinges & latches, hand rail brackets etc. Its easy, almost anyone can install a ZZem Screw, or you know someone who can. 

 It comes complete with everything you need to install except a drill.
1.) Remove hardware (strike plate, deadbolt, hinge) now mark the provided drill bit at 3" masking tape works great. Now drill a straight and level hole to 3". (Tip, use a smaller drill bit for a pilot hole, helps with accuracy. 
2.) Using the provided torx bit, insert into the ZZem Screw, set the drill to the lowest speed, screw it in so it's just below the surface.
3.) replace the hardware, use the provided Philips bit and #9 hinge screws and tighten.
Now wasn't that easy!

ZZem Screw is also designed to use the original #9 hinge screws to match your hardware finish - like Stainless Steel, Brass and Bronze, just to name a few. (see photo)

    For hardware that uses #9 hinge screws only!

    For wood and wood-by-products only

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    • 20-3" ZZem Screw
    • 1-drill bit
    • 1-torx bit
    • 1-ph 2 bit
    • 20- #9 brass finished hinge screws

    Package Dimensions: 3" x 5" Shipping weight: 1.5 lb.

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    Proudly made in the USA

    ZZem Screw Uses

    • Repair stripped hinge screws on door jambs & door
    • Strike plate
    • Dead bolt
    • Gate hinges & latches
    • Handrail brackets
    • Hinge repair
    • Door repair