Installation of YOUR Kit
  • ZZem Screws are quality, precision machined, all-brass hardware. Exterior threads are 6 per inch for quick installation and maximum hold.
  • Installation uses a Torx drive for maximum drive without stripping. Drill bit and Phillips and Torx driver bits are included in each kit.
  • All YOU need: a drill to quickly install your ZZem Screws.

Simple Installation Steps:

installation diagram
  • Remove hinge or strike plate
  • Using provided drill bit*, mark bit at 3 inches; drill straight and level to 3 inches max depth into existing hole (Fig. 1)
    *note: pre-drilling with smaller bit will help with accuracy
  • Using provided Torx bit, screw the ZZem Screw into hole, stopping when flush with wood surface. (Fig. 2)
  • Replace hinge or strike plate; install screws, being sure to not over-tighten. (Fig. 3)

Watch the Installation Video:

Contact us if you have any questions about the installation.