Installation instructions for door hinges & Hardware door as far as possible (makes it easier to work on)

Support the door, wedge a block, shoe, anything under the door so it will not move up or down, makes it easier to reinstall the hinge.

Remove the screws from the hinge you want to insert the ZZem Screws (either the jamb side, or the door itself, works great on both)

Next you will need to drill out the existing screw hole (Tip…use a smaller drill bit for the pilot hole, helps with accuracy) mark the provided 5/16” drill bit at 3”, drill to the 3” mark. (Set the drill to low speed, take your time.)

Using the provided trox bit (use a power drill when installing, set to low speed) screw ZZem Screw in just below the surface.

Replace your hinge, using the provided #9 hinge screws and Phillip’s bit, make sure to set the clutch on the drill so you do not strip the head of the screw.

ZZem Screw is also designed to use the same #9 hinge screw that comes with your hardware, we supply a brass finish with our kits. The #9 hinge screw is available at most all hardware stores (or online) in all finishes that will match your hardware finish.

How to tell if your hardware uses a #9 screw, the head of the screw measures a hair over 5/16” (.330”)

For wood and wood by products only!

(Wood frame, MDF, particle board etc.)