"Amazing product"

"These ZZem screw door repairs are such a fantastic product. Being in construction for several years this would have been an amazing product to have. Most folks don't know how to install doors and therefore destroy the door jamb etc. This allows you to not only correct door alignment but also provides a stable sturdy mounting hole for the hinges to be fastened to! Great product! For all those that didn't like it, I will say it was either user error or the door jamb was just too far gone"

- Lind Travis

"Comes with a drill bit"

"This is one of those "shut up and take my money" products- it is that good! I've been screwing around with some door hinges for 4 days--- wooden dowels, sanding, the whole 9 yards- it just wasn't working.

I had 8 of these in 15 minutes after I got them. Use the included drill bit- drill a hole 3" deep insert the screw holder thingy- just below the surface- USING THE INCLUDED TORX BIT, screw it in, WAM BAM THAK YOU MAM- ALL DONE!

Provides rock solidi holding power. well worth the $60 dollars."

- glenn cuneo

"Super easy!"

"So the kit comes with 4 screws, I was able to repair 2 doors with this. I'm very petite (4'11") and was able to do this by myself, just be sure to have a doorstop and something to hold up the door to the correct height so you can line up the hinges and holes."

- KG

"Worth Every. Single. Penny. Pull the trigger."

"I have (had?) a very heavy, poorly-installed, poorly-repaired-by-prior-owners, exterior door going into my garage, they'd already stripped any semblance of a proper screw out, including 3" #12 screws (with one snapped off about an inch in), making my life hard. Replacing the whole frame, all the trim, the painting (I frickin' hate painting) was absolutely soul crushing to think about. I found this product, it worked like an absolute charm. Very good, very easy, hard to find these days. Bag comes with everything you need- the right sized pilot hole bit, the torx bit, all you need is a decent drill. As others have mentioned, the supplied door screws are self-tappers, so if you cross thread them, they'll do what you ask and cut through anything and bugger things up for you. However, I also don't see why you couldn't just back out the big screw that the little self-tappers go into, and start over. Either way, these are expensive, but worth their literal weight in gold when you factor in everything that would go into replacing the whole jamb, weather stripping, all the trim, the painting (I frickin' hate painting), and your general sanity."

- Anderson House




"Life Saver"

"For a while, my front door has been sagging.

When I removed, the initial screws were 3 inches (7.62 cm) long, I doubted the effectiveness of the product. However, I was surprised that kit worked like a dream.

Solid buy."

Michael R.

"Works perfectly!"

"This product works great. Install with care and even heavy fire doors can be repaired where hinges have become loose due to the loosening of the screws. Very simple installation too."

- tnabbott

"This is a phenomenal (and very easy) solution"

"Our door to the garage was all out of whack from stripped screws within the door frame. It was essentially only attached on the bottom hinge and would smack into the door frame anytime we used it. I got the 12-pack and followed the simple instructions that are included in the package. Our door is now better than it was when we moved in. This repair was completed in less than an hour on a Saturday afternoon. I’d purchase this product again without hesitation if we encounter a similar problem on another door."

- Joe


"This was a perfect solution to my sagging door. Not only was product good, but having all of the right tools included was a bonus."

- Geo

"Easy hinge fix for all"

"This was exactly what I needed. It fixed our stubborn hinge that the wood had become stripped. Worked awesome and took only a few minutes to install. Bonus is that it comes with the exact size drill bit. Highly recommend."

- Krissy Mon

"Glad I found these"

"These were a last resort effort to fix a sagging door. They worked well and our door is closing now."

- Rae D

"Door Sag No More!"

"Although at first I found the price a bit high. After trying to throw half baked solutions at my sagging master bathroom door the past year it was time for a permanent solution. Kit had very easy to read instructions and installation was a breeze. It's the little things in life and this door closes sooooo smooth now 😏"

- Ryan & Autumn


"Everything needed is included, instructions are clear, very easy to install. So happy to have the door usable again. Thank you!!!"

- iMac fan

"they work great"

"what a life savers , it took 15 minutes to install , great product..."

- ED F.

"Works great!"

"This product worked great for our bathroom door."

- robert e. brad

"Door is sturdy again"

It was pretty easy to install and now I don't have to replace the whole doorframe. Lifesaver product.

- Brittany

"Very impressed! Pay a little extra and do it right."

"If you want it done right, this is the route you want to go. Very impressed."

- Jon

"a must have for every household"

"door was sagging wouldn't close right , this geniusly designed product did the trick now the door is smooth as butter doesn't hit the door jam or rub against it hats off and"

- Zaky

"Great repair part"

"Easy to install and sturdy as can be."

- Gregory M.




"BOSS HOGG them door screws!"

"So badass….the rest of my home will fall down around them."

- Buckskin Teddy

"Works very well"

"Used these to replace a stripped hinge on 100 year old front door. They installed easily and fixed the sag. Very happy."

- David A. De La T

"Wish I knew about this product years ago."

"We installed hanging door shelves on our pantry door about a year ago and had to take everything off the shelf’s because and this going to be hard to believe…the top hinge started to strip out as the door was overloaded. I installed the new hardware today and the door now hangs like it used to pre- shelves. It is so sturdy I am sure we could put canned goods on the door shelves again. I am very pleased with this product. Makes for a sturdy door hinge."

- David L

"Highly recommend"

"These are amazing for stripped screw holes on doors I work in a hotel and use these are worth every penny"

- smooth 1

"Works great"

"Works like it’s supposed to,makes the door very sturdy"

- Michael E. Scott

"Actually works! Amazing!"

- Mike

"Saves time and effort"

"Quick and easy to install. Very sturdy result. I’ll use these again for sure."

- J. Sotel


- Davewinds

"Exceptional product. Beautiful machining."

"6 of these took less than 15 minutes to install. I used them to repair stripped out hinge screws. Rock solid repair. Worth every penny."

- Thomas Molloy

"Perfect solution"

"This is a perfect solution for a stripped door hinge. It is very easy to install. Fixation is superb. Well worth the money. After you drill you insert this metal dowel and then the wood screw goes into the dowel. I can’t imagine there is a more secure way of fixing this problem."

- J. Mendelson

"Super easy!"

"So the kit comes with 4 screws, I was able to repair 2 doors with this. I'm very petite (4'11") and was able to do this by myself, just be sure to have a doorstop and something to hold up the door to the correct height so you can line up the hinges and holes."

- KG

"It really works"

"I tried toothpicks and dowels for the door side of the hinge and none of it held the screw solid, but using this device, screw is now tight. worth it when mollies or dowels will not work."

- Steven H. Gorin

"Worked like a charm"

"Worked exactly as advertised. Would purchase again."

- Bryant Paul

"works great"

"these worked perfectly for me. took about ten minutes to install and clean up."

- ctconard

"Buy these!"

"If you have a hinge issue where screws back out of the wall, buy these. Best solution I have found."

- Dave


"Been using these for quite sometime and always relied on the quality of the product. Overall, a great product plus not too costly. Highly recommended."

- knarf

"Fixed my door"

"Not sure why the screws kept coming out at the bottom of the door and I kept putting longer screws hoping for a quick fix. This package was the cure. Easy to do and so far the door is staying put."

- Karen Katzman

"Door functions like new"

"Used this today to fix my son's bedroom door. The screws were completely loose causing the door to drag on the floor.

I purchased a pack of these, since I only needed to replace the top screws.

Used the drill bit that came with the kit. Drilled through the existing screw holes and installed the anchors/screws in the kit. Door functions like new.

Will definitely purchase again to fix a few other old doors in the home."

- Tynisa L. Wilker


"Easy to install.. A Child could do it. It is worth the BUY.

Did I say that this was my first time using this product. I'm going to place three more orders."

- Amazon Customer

"Sturdy product did the job."

"Installed it on pantry door that had screws stripped out. Once installed the door did not sag. Worked perfectly"

- Vincent Scarp

"Finally a product when hinges are pulling loose !"

"Worked when jam was not strong enough with heavy door. Nice!"

- Jerry

"Does what it says it does!! 100%"

"Does what it says it does!! 100%"

- Damion C Hooks

"Excellent quality product"

"Quality product. Check youtube for review and installation."

- John G

"This Actually Worked"

"When I ordered this item I figured it was a shot in the dark. I tried all kinds of solutions for the door hinge that kept coming out of the wall. Longer and thicker screws did not work correctly. Solved the problem for a while then they came loose again. This item worked beautifully and the door hinge is secure. Took me 5 minutes for each door hinge. Worth the money!"

- Wayne

"Outstanding Product"

"Great product easy installation and fixed my exterrior sticking door, within minutes. Highly recommended!"

- Outlaw

"Very impressive"

"I needed to repair some stripped screw holes in a door and wasn’t sure how I could do it and keep the door secure. I saw a few YouTube videos that suggested squishing small pieces of wood in the hole but came across one for this product and it seemed like a better, more secure, solution. I took a chance and bought the big 12 pack. I can attest that installation was easy. They are very secure and the product is of high quality. Plus my door shuts properly again! Totally recommend this product."

- Brently K

"Works like a charm!"

"Bottom hinge on a metal balcony door came off due to the screws stripping. This product saved me from having to call a handyman as everything I needed to do the repairs was included. Probably saved me a bundle. Thanks for the excellent instructions and everything I needed ( except the drill of course). Highly recommend!"

- Thorcat

"Absolutely perfect!"

"Actually going to stock up on a few for the future. Perfect!"

- Wendy Joy

"Easy to use"

"Easy to use, I was able to do it myself with ease and the door now closes again"

- Gabriel

"Simply Perfect"

"Can be used on frame or door side, works perfectly"

- Justin Koontz

"5 out of 5 stars"

"Great solution, easy to install if you have a little sense. Reviewed in the United States on April 15, 2020 Item Package Quantity: 12Verified Purchase Great solution for blown-out hinge screw-holes. Used on a pantry door with a rack on the inside, probably weighs 50 pounds. Door is completely straight, no drag on the latch at all."

- Chelsea Blance

"All I can say is WOW WOW WOW"

"I tried the toothpick and golf tee, trick and non of them really worked or lasted long. I was destined to find a solution so I went on google and did some searching and I am across your product on Amazon. I was still a big skeptical but I bought it anyways. All I can say is WOW WOW WOW!! It worked perfectly and it’s as strong as can be now. Such an amazing idea and solution to a common problem."

- Joey F.

"I wouldn't hesitate at all to try these out"

"Kudos to the creator of this product. It's high quality, made in America, and the packaging says it was invented by a veteran. That's a triple win in my opinion. I wouldn't hesitate at all to try these out."

- Damon Keele

"One of the best product"

"Worked perfectly!!! One of the best products I’ve bought, Would highly recommend and would definitely buy again."

- Brian